Paper Published in Sensors and Actuators B

Joseph A. Capobianco, Wan Y. Shih, Gregory P. Adams, Wei-Heng Shih’s latest paper, titled “Label-free Her2 detection and dissociation constant assessment in diluted human serum using a longitudinal extension mode of a piezoelectric microcantilever sensor,” has been published online in Sensors and Actuators B.

From the abstract: “We have investigated real-time, label-free, in situ detection of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her2) in diluted serum using the first longitudinal extension mode of a lead zirconate-lead titanate (PZT)/glass piezoelectric microcantilever sensor (PEMS) with H3 single-chain variable fragment (scFv) immobilized on the 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (MPS) insulation layer of the PEMS surface. We showed that with the longitudinal extension mode, the PZT/glass PEMS consisting of a 1 mm long and 127 _m thick PZT layer bonded with a 75 _m thick glass layer with a 1.8 mm long glass tip could detect Her2 at a concentration of 6–60 ng/ml (or 0.06–0.6 nM) in diluted human serum, about 100 times lower than the concentration limit obtained using the lower-frequency flexural mode of a similar PZT/glass PEMS. We further showed that with the longitudinal mode, the PZT/glass PEMS determined the equilibrium H3–Her2 dissociation constant Kd to be 3.3±0.3×10−8M consistent with the value, 3.2±0.28×10−8M deduced by the surface plasmon resonance method (BIAcore).”

The paper can be viewed directly here. [View PDF]